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Trans-Pecos Pipeline

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2019 | Blog

A year has passed and the Trans-Pecos Pipeline is affecting property owners, but isn’t doing what it was designed for. The controversial pipeline has caused countless property disputes since its creation at hands of a Mexico backed plan to send gas from the Permian Basin south of the border. The fact that Mexico is not using any of the gas is only adding to their frustrations.

Since the production of gasoline began residents have noted the occasional loud noises as huge amounts of gas are vented from the pipeline. Residents have also mentioned a fear based around the noises as well; not knowing whether or not the sounds they hear are normal or safe signs of production. The pipeline operators insist that they are, but venting gas during these releases are in fact happening in larger than normal quantities. The contaminants vented from the pipeline are being pumped out at an alarming margin, 7,000 fold, of the limit set by the Texas Environmental Regulators (TCEQ). This is just one more source of frustration for the local non-profit, Big Bend Conservation Alliance, which is suing federal regulators for allowing the venting to occur. The gas is just being released into the air with no significant purpose.

Despite desires to receive the gas from Mexican officials, potential buyers of the gas are hesitant to get on board because construction of connecting pipelines in Mexico that transport the gas are behind schedule.

There is only one recipient of the gas as of now, which is the Biad Chili processing plant outside of Presidio. The gas provides fuel for local businesses and homes, while also producing numerous jobs that keep the town alive.


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