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Space X To Ramp Up Rocket Test Site in Boca Chica Village

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Eminent Domain

Space X is offering local buyouts to the residents of Boca Chica Village after operations ramp up at the experimental rocket test site. The company now claims that increasing disruptions to the public are increasingly harder to prevent. They are seeking to buy out land in order to prevent increased disruptions to locals in the area. Just last month Space X was required to give temporary evacuation notices to residents of the village as a rocket test threatened to destroy windows and damage homes. The successful test ultimately ignited a bushfire that spread across 100 acres.

Letters sent to residents in the surrounding area are offering owners three times the appraised value of their properties if they respond within two weeks. The letters also say that the rate is non-negotiable and offer a chance to attend VIP events in the future for their support of Space X operations. Space X also claims that they are committed to a fair and equitable buying process, stating that they have attached individual appraisals and documentation from independent appraisers, along with a promise to write a check for the offered price within 30 days if residents respond to the buyout. However, whether or not residents of Boca Chica are in agreement with this process, and more importantly the amount of the appraisals, remains to be seen.


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