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How do you pick a good executor for your estate?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2020 | Estate Planning

When Texas residents begin writing a will or estate plan, choosing an executor is a top priority. An executor’s responsibility is to handle your estate after you pass. It is an important job and it is also important for you to pick the right person for it. 

So how do you pick the right one? What qualities should you be looking for? Today we will answer these questions and others. 

Specific qualities of an estate executor 

HuffPost looks at methods of selecting a good executor for your estate. Some qualities are universal. Others are specific to you. For example, what are your personal viewpoints on the world? What do you value most in life? What are your core and guiding principles? What is most important to you? Your executor should hold similar opinions and world views. This ensures there is a seamless shift when they begin handling your affairs. It is also easier to see eye to eye if you already agree on most important matters. 

Universal qualities of executors 

Universal qualities often deal with how professional an executor is. Experts suggest you pick an executor with past experience on big projects. Is your pick capable of self-managing? Do they adhere to schedules? Are they able to create their own? Do they value deadlines and honor them? Are they organized? What are their people skills like? Are they strong communicators or do they flounder when dealing with other people? These are all questions you must ask. 

Finally, you should make sure your executor is okay with being your executor. Do not spring it on them as a last minute surprise. They should give their full consent. You should also ensure they know that managing an estate is a long and sometimes complex process. Make sure they are up to the challenge first. 

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