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Estate planning for LGBTQ+ couples is especially important

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Estate Planning

Every Texas adult has the right to decide what happens to his or her body and property in an emergency situation. Estate planning allows one to create legally enforceable plans regarding medical care, distribution of property and even the care of minor children after a medical emergency or death. This process may be especially important for LGBTQ+ families as they may be more likely to face complications in certain types of situations.  

Protections for every family 

Certain details can make estate planning especially important for LGBTQ+ families. For example, LGBTQ+ partners are less likely to be married, and a will can make sure that the partner will inherit the estate if the other dies. It is also more likely in these families that the partners will have children of which only one is the biological parent.  

This is why it is especially important to have a will and certain documents in place, including health care planning documents and a will. This can provide LGBTQ+ families the opportunity to have more control over what may happen with their proper, kids and medical care in the future. In turn, this will provide peace of mind and security for every member of the Texas family. 

The right estate plan 

The right estate plan for a family depends on the details of the individual situation. An assessment of the case by an experienced estate planning attorney can determine what steps are necessary. When creating a plan, it is prudent to think long-term and make plans that will be suitable for years to come.  


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