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Protecting the long-term interests of your business

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Business Law

If you are a business owner, you understand how important it is to protect the interests of the business you worked so hard to build. You put an immense amount of time and effort into developing a business idea and taking every necessary step to create a successful company. To protect your investment, it is beneficial to work diligently to ensure that you have the right plans in place to secure your Texas business for years to come. 

One way you can protect your company is to have a clear business succession plan in place. In the same way that you are able to use an estate plan to ensure your legal and financial interests are secure in the future, you can do the same with a plan for your business. Taking this step ensures that you get the final say over what happens to your company, providing you with peace of mind. 

Important considerations for your company 

One of the primary benefits of creating a business succession plan is to ensure that you have control over the direction of your business in the event of your death, after your retirement or in the contingency that you are incapacitated. This gives you the ability to decide what happens next, whether that is selling the business, appointing a successor or dividing the company. As you create your unique succession plan, the following questions may be helpful: 

  • If you want your business to continue, who do you want to be your successor? 
  • What is the value of your business? 
  • Do you have a business partner who would want to buy your share of the company? 

Your business succession plan can also shield the interests of other parties, including a business partner. It will also make it easier to settle your estate when the time comes, something that will benefit your heirs, beneficiaries and loved ones left behind. 

What should be in your plan? 

Every estate plan is different, and the terms of your succession plan depends on your specific goals and objectives. If you are unsure of what you may want to include in yours as part of your overall estate planning strategy, you will benefit from seeking a knowledgeable opinion regarding the legal steps that will prove most practical and effective for you. With the right plans in place, you can look to the future with confidence and assurance. 

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