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Start the new year with estate planning resolutions

On Behalf of | Jan 16, 2023 | Estate Planning

The start of a new year represents the opportunity to make a fresh start in many different areas. For some, this may mean making improvements regarding health or wellness, or it may mean implementing new positive habits in one’s professional life. For all Texas adults, the start of the new year also provides the opportunity to review existing estate plans and determine if any new updates are necessary.

A to-do list for 2023

Every person will have unique and personal goals for his or her estate after passing. In addition to planning for what will happen to personal property, it is possible to plan for other important contingencies, such as incapacitation and long-term medical needs. Some estate planning resolutions to consider for 2023 include:

  • Updating beneficiary designations
  • Review of basic estate planning documents, such as the will
  • Planning for medical needs or disability in the future
  • Review terms of existing trusts

In the new year, one can feel confident and secure regarding the strategy he or she has in place simply by taking the time to review current plans, adjust terms where needed or make important additions.

The right estate planning strategy

Estate planning is a deeply personal process. The decisions a Texas adult makes regarding his or her overall strategy should make sense now and provide long-term protection as well. By working with an experienced attorney when making any estate planning decisions, one can be certain that his or her interests are secure, as well as the interests of heirs and beneficiaries.

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