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Helping Commercial Property Owners Stand Up For Their Rights.

When the Texas government or other entities use eminent domain to target a commercial property for acquisition, multiple parties are at risk. In addition to the property owner becoming affected, the business owners also stand to suffer loses through a property acquisition.

Whether the government intends to use the property, or take ownership of a portion or all of it, they need to compensate involved parties for their actions. Although law requires the government to compensate you for their acquisition, they rarely offer full compensation. We at Showalter Colgin & Davis, PLLC have been representing property owners for over 40 years, and we know how to make sure that you receive the best possible outcome for your property.

Do Not Let The Condemning Entity Leave You With The Short End Of The Stick

When you are on the receiving end of an eminent domain offer, you can bet that the first amount the condemning entity offers you is not the best offer you can get. Do not let them pressure you into signing the first offer they give you. Commercial property owners can often receive compensation for more than just the property itself. There are many factors involved for a business to thrive. If a government project obstructs access to the property, or impairs parking or operation of the business, it can negatively impact the performance of a business. Our attorneys can help you pursue full compensation for any compensable business damages or losses.

Let Us Make Sure The Government Or Other Entities Treat You Fairly

The ugly truth of this kind of business is that our own government will try to make a quick buck when it can. Thankfully, you do not have to let them get away with it. We help Texas residents protect their rights. If you have received an initial statement of eminent domain, or even an offer letter, do not make any decision without a lawyer by your side. Contact our Richmond office today at 888-627-4042 to begin your defense.