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We Represent Landowners In Protecting Themselves Against Eminent Domain

Eminent domain allows the acquiring of private property through condemning it for public projects, like infrastructure. While the federal, Texas and even local governments all can acquire property through this method, they must provide the property owners with just compensation for any property that they take, use or damage. We here at Showalter Colgin & Davis, PLLC know how to ensure you are paid the best possible value for your property. The unfortunate nature of eminent domain is that if the government or corporation can get away with paying you as little as possible, they will certainly try to do so.

Make Sure You Are Paid What Is Due To You

When the condemner values your property, they need to value your property at its highest and best use. This means that even if you use your land for agriculture, it should be valued at a higher value, if it could be used for commercial purposes. In addition to the value of any land that the condemning entity is after, you need to consider any possible damages that might occur as well. If the goal is to install a pipeline, the agreement they offer might only cover the cost of the land they use and not the other land they damage. These agreements, or easements, might also have hidden rules about how you can use your property as well.

Let Us Defend You And Your Property

If you have received a letter of eminent domain, or the government has already presented you with paperwork to sign, do not do anything without a lawyer helping you. We have been reviewing this type of matter for over 40 years, and we know the common tricks to look out for. If you are facing eminent domain, contact one of our attorneys. We have office in the Richmond area, and you can reach us at 888-627-4042 for a consultation.