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Keeping Your Future Secure Through Elder Law

You might have set up an estate plan in the past, but when was the last time you updated it? With matters to consider like planning for the possibility of nursing home care and asset protection, your estate plan may not meet your needs today.

The attorneys at the Showalter Colgin & Davis, PLLC can help review your plans and offer guidance on how to keep your wishes intact. We have over 100 combined years of experience in these matters, and we know what it takes to protect your estate and your beneficiaries.

Planning For Issues Such As Disability

Most people go through a period of incapacity before they die. Unless you have made power of attorney designations, your family members may need to go through the cost and stress of a guardianship proceeding to make decisions for you.

Failure to plan for incapacity can have other unintended consequences for your beneficiaries:

  • Assets you wanted to go to your family could be exhausted paying for long-term care.
  • Family members and doctors may not agree on what medical care you would have wanted if you are in a terminal condition.
  • Your assets could go to a person who doesn’t have the capacity to handle them.
  • The government could step in and make decisions that you would have rather made yourself.

Our Texas lawyers can help you with services such as health care planning, Medicaid planning, and crafting of living wills, powers of attorney and trusts to help you meet your goals.

Do Not Let Anything Put Your Legacy At Risk

Whether you need to update your plan or begin planning for your future, we can help with your elder law questions. Contact us at our Richmond location by calling 888-627-4042 for an initial consultation.