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A Guiding Hand In Estate Administration During Troubled Times

When a loved one names you as their personal representative, you should regard it as a sign of the trust that person has in you. It is also a significant responsibility: One that can create liability for you if it is not done correctly.

Meeting the legal requirements of a Texas probate proceeding can be difficult for a person who does not have previous experience. The attorneys at Showalter Colgin & Davis, PLLC are here to provide you a guiding hand. We also represent beneficiaries and heirs to protect their interests in a probate proceeding.

What Our Lawyers Can Do For You

Our attorneys can guide you through each of the steps of a Texas probate proceeding, including:

  • Submitting the will to the court for approval
  • Taking inventory of the estate
  • Notifying creditors and paying legitimate bills
  • Selling assets or property
  • Filing taxes for the deceased
  • Doing a final accounting of the estate
  • Distributing assets to specified beneficiaries
  • Defending you against will contests and other probate litigation

We know that the last thing anyone wants after they have lost a loved one is to deal with loads of paperwork and legal headaches. Our lawyers will provide the legal assistance, so you can focus on carrying out your family members’ final wishes.

Do Not Go Through Estate Administration Alone

If a loved one has appointed you as an administrator of an estate, we can help you determine what you need to do, and help you complete those tasks. We are in the Richmond area and have over 100 years of combined experience in estate administration. Contact us today by calling 888-627-4042 for an initial consultation.