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Keep critical estate planning documents secure and accessible

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2021 | Estate Planning

After creating an estate plan, it is easy to set the documents aside and forget about them. Family members and others may not know where they are located, which could prevent a problem in the event of an unexpected medical emergency or death in the family. Each Texas adult with an estate plan should have critical estate planning documents carefully organized, properly stored and easily accessible. 

The most important documents 

Talking with family members about plans is helpful, but it is not a substitute for having the physical documents. One of the most important documents one should have is a will, a document that outlines what will happen to personal property after passing. It can also address other critical matters, such as who is appointed to act as guardian for any minor children. 

Other critical documents to create and organize are power of attorney documents. These appoint an individual to make either medical or financial decisions on behalf of someone who may not be capable of doing so for himself or herself. These should be accessible in case of a situation that leaves one incapacitated, allowing family members to protect the wishes and interests of their loved one. 

A strong estate plan 

Every estate plan is different. Texas adult will require different levels of protection and security, and they will have documents carefully crafted and suited to their individual needs. Once these documents are prepared, it is then prudent to have them organized and stored in a place where they are both protected from harm but also easily accessible in case they are needed.  

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