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Knowing your rights: Relocation assistance under eminent domain

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2024 | Eminent Domain

In Texas, if a governmental authority or private utility company is considering taking your property for public use, you might feel uncertain about your next steps. You may even wonder about where you will live, how you will afford the move or how you will handle the transition.

It’s important to remember that you have rights in this situation. Given that the entity taking your property may not prioritize your personal interests, understanding these rights, including your entitlement to relocation assistance, is crucial.

Various forms of compensation

If an entity uses eminent domain to take your property and you need to relocate, you should know that Texas law entitles you to certain benefits. Aside from just compensation, these benefits include:

  • Coverage for moving expenses: They should pay for the expenses you incur when moving your belongings to your new home.
  • Rental supplements: If your new place is more expensive, they should cover the additional cost.
  • Financial assistance for replacement housing: They should assist you in securing a new place to live.
  • Payment for transfer-related expenses: They should cover any costs that arise due to the property transfer.

State laws mandate these benefits. Any entity using eminent domain must provide them to help you avoid shouldering the relocation costs alone.

Legal help in case of eminent domain

Upon receiving an official notice of property seizure, it’s essential that you act promptly. By doing so, you can avoid unnecessary losses and ensure you receive proper compensation for your property – including your home’s value and any moving expenses. If you’re uncertain about how to proceed or what you’re entitled to, consider consulting a legal professional. They can clarify your rights and help you through the process, with the goal of securing all the benefits you’re entitled to under the law.

Remember, the authority taking your property may not be working with your best interests in mind. So, having someone on your side to protect your interests is essential.

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