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When You Can Contest A Will In Texas

The attorneys at Showalter Colgin & Davis, PLLC understand that a will can involve more than significant assets. It can also involve your emotions. Disputes between heirs and beneficiaries can boil over, causing a great deal of stress in your family.

At a time, when you think that your loved one’s will was improperly influenced or is otherwise improper, you may have the right to contest it. Now is time when legal advice can be more beneficial than a family confrontation.

Who Can Contest A Will In Texas?

Anyone who has a stake in the outcome of the will can contest it as long as there are sufficient grounds. You cannot contest a will simply because you do not like the outcome.

In Texas, there are four main grounds for contesting a will:

  • Undue influence by a caretaker or another beneficiary
  • Lack of legal noncompliance
  • Lack of due execution
  • Lack of testamentary capacity

Our lawyers can explain these grounds and determine if one or more may apply in your case. It is important to seek legal advice quickly. You have a limited time to contest a will. If you miss that window of opportunity, you will not be able to contest the will. We represent beneficiaries, heirs and personal representatives.

Make Sure That Your Rights Are Upheld With An Experienced Attorney

Our attorneys have more than 100 combined years of experience in probate litigation. We are here to protect your rights and your inheritance in the Richmond area. Complete our contact form, or call 888-627-4042 to set up an initial consultation.